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Key insights and practical lessons of Wal-Mart Essay

Key bits of knowledge and commonsense exercises of Wal-Mart - Essay Example The organization runs the biggest market in United States of America, and in 2009, over 51% of its business incomes in United States of America originated from its supermarkets (Roberts and Bergs, 2012). This income added up to 258 billion United States dollars. The organization has a nearness in North America, working a retail distribution center business. The organization has an estimated number of 8500 stores in 15 unique nations. In these 15 nations, the organization has distinctive brand names. For example, in United States of America, the organization works under the brand name of Wal-Mart. In Mexico, the organization works under the brand name of Walmex, while in India; the organization works under the brand name of Best Price (Roberts and Bergs, 2012). The organization likewise has retail locations in Japan, Argentina, South Africa, China and the United Kingdom. Regardless of its victories, the organization doesn't have tasks in East Africa, and specifically Kenya. Kenya has the most prevailing economy in East Africa, and it has a quickly developing retail showcase inside the area (Agwuele, 2012). It additionally has an open financial framework, which is favorable in pulling in Foreign Direct Investments in the nation. It has outstanding amongst other work power in Africa, and great foundations, for example, an intricate street organize, and proficient flexibly of vitality (Agwuele, 2012). On this premise, the nation is a decent goal for the passage of the business inside the area. Notwithstanding its victories, the organization doesn't have activities.

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Internet Risk Essay

Web Risks and Our Response 1)Introduction As our general public turns out to be increasingly urban, and life gets wild and occupied for the two guardians and youth, the young people face a greater number of issues of innovation than previously. Distance, forlornness, despondency become increasingly pervasive. Numerous young people additionally approach the web. With the prepared accessibility of broadband, and by and large an improvement in the broadcast communications industry, particularly in the urban zones (mostly due to the government’s push to draw in speculations and business for MSC), web dangers which were again predominant in the West or the more innovatively propelled countries are upon our young people in Malaysia. 1 2)Current Trends a)Information Explosion The appearance of the World Wide Web has made a colossal bank of data. Anyway since it is uncensored and un-directed, anybody can post any sort of data and assets on the web. Erotic entertainment has become the scourge of this data age. )Correspondence Revolution Other than messages, web visits, texting, the adolescents are presently into taking an interest in interpersonal organizations like â€Å"Friendster† and into on-line journaling on â€Å"Web-logs†, all the more famously known as â€Å"Blogs†. It is additionally not abnormal for them to uti lize â€Å"on-line dating† administrations. Spaming, web-harassing, web-outrages, hacking and digital legends have become genuine dangers because of unchecked utilization of web specialized devices. c)Information Exchange There are likewise numerous new sorts of newsgroups, clubs, announcement sheets which are begun the web where individuals trade data. Moreover, there are many distributed stages for trade of documents and data that can by-pass the web yet are still especially part of the way of life of information smart young people (e. g. in inns, schools and colleges). These distributed systems can become rearing justification for guileful data just as erotic entertainment d)Gamming society Computer games have advanced incredibly from DOS based games to enlivened games to what is currently known as Role Playing Games. With the accessibility of broadbands, Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG) are the most recent rage. With such games, you can play with a wide range of individuals, everywhere throughout the world, independent of national or land limits and time-zones. e)Telecommunications Industry Convergence With scaling down and the coming of coordinated media communications gadget (smaller than expected PC and phone), both the advantages of the web just as the dangers have gotten much progressively versatile and increasingly prompt. 3)Risks a)Surfing Time Waster Pornography introduction and habit b)Chats, Instant Messaging Safety Issues, dangers of abducting and assault. c)Chats, Instant Messaging, Games Isolation and distance, ack of self-assurance, have low confidence, need social aptitudes, powerlessness to relate steadily social and mental impediment results d)Games Most basic well known games are dull, cultic, evil, narrow minded, erotic and savage. Dependence on desire, viciousness, mysterious and game culture, disarray results absence of sound certifiable turn of events, contorted standpo int of this present reality.

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Will Management Consulting Prepare You for Entrepreneurship

Will Management Consulting Prepare You for Entrepreneurship © Shutterstock.com | ImageFlowThe aim of this article is to analyze and to answer the question of whether management consulting would prepare you for entrepreneurship. In order to answer this question, I will go through the following sections: 1) an introduction to management consulting vs entrepreneurship; 2) whether management consulting is good preparation for entrepreneurship, 3) overall answer to the question, and 4) real life stories from several entrepreneurs utilizing consulting skills.CONSULTING VS ENTREPRENEURSHIP AN INTRODUCTIONWhat is entrepreneurship?An entrepreneur is a person who starts and manages his/her own business or enterprise and takes the onus of all risks and opportunities. An entrepreneur is wholly responsible for planning business strategies, acquiring human and other resources and deciding on budget allocations.To become a successful entrepreneur, youll need to get into the type of business that you know you will enjoy doing and are also qualified enough to handle. You should be an avid planner and a great money manager. Also, sales and marketing should come naturally to you, and you should be able to forge strong relationships with your customers. You should be ready to update your business regularly with the latest technologies, and to craft your business to have that all-important competitive edge over your rivals and to create a positive business image. Lastly, you should be able to put together a great and highly-motivated team.What is management consulting?Management consulting is the branch of consulting that helps a business augment its performance by analyzing problems facing the business and providing solutions. Management consulting spans across most fields like human resources, marketing, technology, payroll, and finance.As a management consultant, there is a vast scope for gathering industry experience at both macro and micro levels, and this goes a long way toward personal development.In what ways do management consult ants differ from entrepreneurs?Although related to each other in several aspects, management consultants differ vastly from entrepreneurs.Doers vs. Advisers: First and foremost, entrepreneurs are the business owners, consultants are not. An entrepreneur takes ALL responsibilities for the business, whereas a management consultant only HELPS the business achieve its goals. Entrepreneurs are the DOERS while consultants are the advisers.Theory vs. Practice: Management consultants are more theory-oriented. They possess all the intricate knowledge necessary to run a business. Entrepreneurs are more street-smart. Entrepreneurs are typically a lot closer to the actual markets than consultants are.Risk taking: Entrepreneurs are much more likely to take risks on behalf of the business than consultants would be willing to. Entrepreneurs focus on the risk aspect of any new proposition. Entrepreneurs can be much more sceptical than consultants.Multitasking: Entrepreneurs inherently multitask af ter all they own the business. So its not unusual for entrepreneurs to have a hand in most of their companies tasks. The role of management consultants is much more specialized and restricted.IS MANAGEMENT CONSULTING GOOD PREPARATION FOR ENTREPRENEURSHIP?In order to answer this question, I would like to walk through several areas.SkillsSkills you can learn in Management ConsultingA management consultant has to hone a good number of specialized skills if he/she hopes to succeed as an entrepreneur. They are:Analytical skills: Analytical skills are the USP of any successful management consultant. A skilled consultant is able to analyze and solve problems that are outside the purview of even top-level management.Strategy and critical thinking: By way of management consulting, knowledge about how to analyze and structure a problem will be attained. A skilled consultant is able to break down a problem into its constituent elements and then compare it with existing case scenarios. He/she i s able to get to the core of the problem and represent it concisely. The consultant is then able to provide a viable solution to the problem, effectively taking care of all constrictions and compromises. These strategic skills will definitely help the consultant cultivate competence in problem-solving and help him/her apply these skills in the future as a possible entrepreneur.Networking skills: Understanding the customer and communicating effectively with him is one of the essential skills of a management consultant. A good consultant listens to his/her customers and makes sure that he/she is well understood as well. Networking skills help the consultant develop his/her capabilities to identify their audience, whether it is within the company or outside, and understand what drives or motivates them and what constrains them.Fast learning skills: A good consultant has to be a quick learner. A consultant should also be a continuous learner. He/she should be prepared to ask questions a nd seek clarifications. Asking questions is a great way to convey to your client or customer that you are getting involved.Presentation skills: Good presentation skills are a given for any management consultant. A good consultant is able to condense weeks of hard and fruitful work into concise, to-the-point presentations.Prioritizing skills (80/20 approach): A corollary of the Pareto Principle states that 80% of a companys profits comes from 20% of its customers. An efficient consultant is able to identify these high-priority customers and give them their deserved right of way.Skills you need to become an Entrepreneur and start your business, depending on the stage of the businessThere are generally three stages of a business. They are:1st Stage The Idea StageIn the idea stage, two abilities are tested:The ability to innovate, andThe ability to take initiatives.At this stage, an entrepreneur decides on the central idea of his startup company. He focuses on the three core innovation skills thinking, talking and doing. Thinking is research. Research and analysis done well will reveal the needs of the market and what kind of product or service it is ready for.But, of course, as a consultant, the ability to innovate is limited creativity cannot be acquired, nor does it come from experience. Hence, skills learned from being a consultant helps only limited at this stage of starting your business.As an entrepreneur you must be able and willing to act proactively. You must display the three central qualities of a proactive actor self-discipline, optimism and competitiveness.2nd Stage The Prototyping and Development StageIn this stage, two more abilities are put to the test:The ability to plan and foresee, andThe ability to learn and network.As an entrepreneur you should be able to plan his resources, whether they are financial, personal or time-related. You should be able to set realistic deadlines and routinely meet them.Successful entrepreneurs are continuous l earners. They do not shy away from asking for advice from their mentors. They communicate frequently and clearly. They are endless networkers, always looking for opportunities to create new customer bases.3rd Stage The Growth StageHere, the following two qualities of an entrepreneur come into play during the growth stage of a startup:Analytical and decision-making abilities, andProfit-oriented focus.The analytical and problem-solving skills of a consultant do come in handy when transforming into an entrepreneur. As a consultant, one is exposed to  many different scenarios that are both unique and challenging. This vast  amount of experience gathered in diverse fields is priceless to the future  entrepreneur.Building a rock-solid reputation and competitive advantage will guarantee profits.This brings us back to the question: Does Management Consulting prepare you for Entrepreneurship?The answer is YES. A vast majority of the skills are pretty useful. BUT this depends on  the develop ment stage of the startup, the startup business model, and the market where it operates.Responsibility StressResponsibility you can expect in Management ConsultingResponsibility is typically restricted if you are a management consultant. You are only responsible to solve company problems analytically and using market and industry knowledge. But the responsibility for the success of the solution, when implemented, is not carried by a management consultant.Stress you can expect in Management Consulting The stress situation for a management consultant typically stems from client pressure and the urgency to meet deadlines. Getting random work assignments also lengthens the project and increases the stress level. Then there is the much-dreaded travel-related stress.Responsibility (but with Ability to take risks)  you can expect as an EntrepreneurThe scenario is vastly different when you assume the role of an entrepreneur. I have mentioned before that an entrepreneur is ENTIRELY responsi ble for the success of his startup. As an entrepreneur, you OWN your companys vision. Other people are there just to help. So, its paramount that you communicate your vision to your employees and associates in clear terms. You need to inculcate the sense of responsibility in them and help them embrace your values. From these values, you will be able to create a work culture that is unique and beneficial to your company.You are responsible for measuring the performance of your company and driving it. You need to plan your time slots and set priorities to your tasks.An entrepreneur is not only responsible to solve startup issues, but also to take and carry the risk of the decisions made during every stage of the startup development. Hence, an entrepreneur experiences rather often the so-called roller coaster.Lets face it the decision to abandon your paycheck as a consultant and take on the role of an entrepreneur is in itself a big risk.Secondly, as an entrepreneur, you are liable to use up your personal savings on your business. You should have the gumption and the moral fiber to put your hard-earned money on the line. And its not money alone. As an entrepreneur, you will be required to invest a lot of your personal time and, of course, your health in your business.You also must have the ability to cope with a less-than-steady cash flow. However, one of the biggest responsibility to take as an entrepreneur is to completely trust your employees. As a startup, you would not have the luxury of hiring a full-fledged team and will have to pass on a few important tasks to some key employees. Absolute trust is a must in this scenario.Stress you can expect as an EntrepreneurStress in the case of entrepreneurship is based mostly on the market. It also has a lot to do with your constant endeavor not to make a wrong decision and dent your business prospects.Does Management Consulting prepare you for Entrepreneurship?Mostly, No. But consulting has little to do with coachi ng you on your responsibilities. It teaches you great skills, no doubt, but skills alone are not enough to assume the role of a successful entrepreneur. Responsibilities can seldom be taught and are not acquired by experience. A sense of responsibility is inherent its all in the attitude and not in the aptitude.ExpertiseMarket and industry expertise in Management ConsultingExperience in the market and industry will impart a set of essential skills to the management consultant.Market knowledge domain expertise you need as an Entrepreneur A highly-educated and management trained consultant can ease his way into the market. The market, especially, provides a consultant ample opportunities to hone his domain expertise and make practical use of it. Management consulting prepares you to face the market by associating you with clients that have a strong market presence. Working with these clients in order to augment their operational efficiency and formulate business strategies helps you be at the top of things in your domain.Typical requirements of the market and industry knowledge for becoming an Entrepreneur and starting your business:The market and industry knowledge that you gather as a consultant will make you proficient in understanding your customers needs as an entrepreneur. This knowledge helps you understand the market your competitors, their pricing strategies, new entrants, new products, etc.Does Management Consulting prepare you for Entrepreneurship?As far as expertise is concerned, definitely. Aptitude is the biggest fringe benefit that you can hope to gain by being associated with major industry players as a consultant.Co-WorkingCo-working skills you can learn in Management ConsultingPeople Skills: Management consultants may not be very well-received internally at the client company. As such, people skills are an absolute must. Every consultant is required to develop a relationship of trust and mutual goodwill with employees at short notice.Teamwor k: Consulting inherently provides a great environment for teamwork. Since, as a consultant, you work with other consultants as well as with employees of the client company, there is a lot of interaction and collaboration taking place.Skills you need to become a successful EntrepreneurAs an entrepreneur, the biggest challenge is to initiate co-working interaction. When you start your own business, it is highly probable that you are working with a few or no co-founders at all. The best thing to do in this situation is to communicate and associate with other similar entrepreneurs.But as your company gets bigger, you have to ensure a friendly and collaborative atmosphere in your company. Hence, co-working skills will be of use for every entrepreneur as well.Does Management Consulting prepare you for Entrepreneurship?Yes, co-working and people skills gained as a consultant should help you in forging new social and business relationships.Working HoursTypical working hours in Management Co nsultingWorking hours in management consulting are not predictable they vastly depend on the project you have at hand. Although you generally work fixed hours, it is often difficult or even impossible to predict possible overtime hours.Typical working hours if you are an EntrepreneurWorking hours in entrepreneurship can vary depending on your current projects and the development stage you are in. Overtime hours are very typical especially for young startups.Does Management Consulting prepare you for Entrepreneurship?Yes, management consulting does prepare you to take up ad hoc responsibilities as an entrepreneur. It also prepares you for those last-minute schedule changes as and when they come.TravelingAmount of traveling you should expect in Management ConsultingTraveling may be appealing to the new consultant, but with time, travel takes its toll, especially when the consultant has a family to care for. Management consulting will prepare you to schedule your travels and make last -minute travel arrangements.Amount of traveling you should expect as an EntrepreneurAs an entrepreneur, you are much less likely to travel unplanned. However, due to business constraints, you will most likely be obligated to travel when you want to communicate in person with your clients or look for investors in other cities or even countries.Does Management Consulting prepare you for Entrepreneurship?When you start as a business model which requires geographical flexibility, your traveling experience as a former consultant comes in handy. You are able to carry over your cultivated habits of flying to different locations and entertaining clients.OVERALL ANSWER TO THE QUESTIONPartly Yes, management consulting definitely would help you in some areas of entrepreneurship. It does so in the following ways:Application of best practices: As a consultant, you get to polish all your theoretical skills obtained during your management education. You are able to develop core competency skills l ike time management, people management, teamwork and change management.Knowledge of the market: Exposure to the market empowers you with that all-important market knowledge.Problem-solving skills come in handy: Dealing with a variety of clients with conflicting interests, handling projects with sharp deadlines and dealing with other stressful situations from time to time help you gain expertise as a problem solver.Wider network connections: Working in different teams helps you network with people around you better. You learn how to get involved and build your community.BUT this is not the full list of the skills required for entrepreneurship. This depends on the development stage of your startup, on the industry where the startup is working, etc.REAL LIFE STORIES OF ENTREPRENEURS UTILIZING THEIR MANAGEMENT CONSULTING EXPERIENCESHere are a few real life instances of successful entrepreneurs with previous experience in management consulting.The Story of Diana GoodwinA commerce graduat e from the University of Toronto, Diana had several years worth of experience as a swimming instructor under her belt. After graduating, she joined Bain Company as a management consultant.With a high-profile job in her hands, Diana still dreamt of starting a swimming school for children that would provide individualized training.Pretty soon, Diana realized her dreams in the form of AquaMobile Swim School a school providing premium coaching to children. A part-time business at first, the school soon developed into a full-time business once Diana realized its immense business potential.Diana quit her job and enrolled in an MBA program. By the time she graduated, Diana was armed with a strong business plan about how to push AquaMobile into the big league. Her management experience helped her bring in the money easily.Now a successful entrepreneur, Diana points out some things that helped in her transition to an entrepreneur starting early, focusing on the main business idea, and net working vigorously.The Story of Dan StreetDan Streets story began differently. Management consulting and private equity finance were not really useful, and actually even hurtful in an early stage, while growing his startup, Borrowed Sugar, a software company. However, it was pretty useful for his company in the later stages when his motive was to raise capital and scale up his business. Management consulting helped Dan grow his company with ease.The Story of Slava RubinMedia entrepreneur, Slava Rubin is a great example of how a university-based academic education, a stint abroad for global/international education, and management consulting for corporate education taught him how big companies operate and make decisions.Corporate education in a form of a management consultant taught Slava the ins and outs of how Fortune 500 companies operate. He obtained the essential skills of decision-making and varied exposure by working with different companies.According to Slava, management consu lting was nothing short of an extension of his education to reach his ultimate goal entrepreneurship.

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Human Rights And Its Effects On The Chinese Employees

Suicide, deaths, childhood labor, terrible working conditions, abuse of basic human rights. Can you guess who is responsible for the majority of this cruelty? A company we have become obscenely obsessed with for the past few years: Apple. It is the biggest and most well know multinational technology corporation. We keep their products in our back jean pockets all the way to our office desks. Behind their â€Å"updated† and â€Å"hip† technology lies a deep, disturbing, and dangerous truth. Millions of Apple’s employees are practically slaves by being treated like machines. This company has obscure intentions by trying to produce their goods no matter what the cost is. As it is illustrated by the article â€Å"In China, Human Costs Are Built into an iPad†, Charles Duhigg and David Barboza show the detrimental impact of this corporation upon its Chinese employees. Apple is now identified for its harmful working condition in its factories. Employees work excessive overtime without a single day off during the week as these sweatshops work all day, every day. To produce the merchandise efficiently and effectively, the workers stand at all hours of the day and leave with a decreasing amount of energy every passing day. The company provides most of its workers with the benefit of satisfying dorms. 70,000 Foxconn, Apple’s major manufacturing partner, workers are obligated to live with 20 other people in a slum three-bedroom apartment. Under age workers are unfortunately adding onto Apple’sShow MoreRelatedPsychological Contract in the 21st Century1301 Words   |  6 PagesDate:11/08/2011 Word count:963. Psychological Contract is an abstract contract that affects both employers and employees, a subtle contract without speaking or writing, contains assumptions and expectations from each party towards the other (Rousseau 1989). Compared to the past centuries, people tend to change jobs frequently and pay more attention to employees’ rights. It is a critical element in human resource management and plays a big role in modern society. This essay has been organized in the followingRead MoreOrganizational Culture And Human Resource Management1048 Words   |  5 PagesNewman Nollen (1996) indicated that organization performance is better in the companies which there is congruency between national culture and human resources practices. If the human resources management practices are not in line with the basic tenets shared by employees, it will lead to dissatisfaction, lack of commitment and discomfort among the employees (Early, 1994). Introduction Culture affects and governs all facets of life by influencing values, attitudes and behavior of a society, whileRead MoreCritically Evaluate Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs as a Way of Understanding Employees Motivation in Contemporary Chinese Business1179 Words   |  5 Pagesa way of understanding employees motivation in contemporary Chinese business Nowadays, many Chinese business companies emphasize the motivation of employees. In their view, if employees are motivated, they will not only give full play to the initiative and creativity, but also create work with high quality and efficiency. Consequently, more Chinese managers are serious about western theories on motivation in order to obtain the right direction. Maslow’s theory â€Å"the hierarchy of needs† is one ofRead MorePest Analysis of Gap Inc1178 Words   |  5 Pagesstores in the healthcare bill. It has a huge effect on GAP negatively or positively. In the case of the regulations in the retail industry it has negative impacts because the regulations in the retail industry could easily be changed beyond the established limit and will affect the business adversely, in addition companies such as target will obtain higher costs in expenses due to the changes. The healthcare bill, on the other hand, will have positive effects on GAP because the bill will aid in controllingRead MorePest Analysis of Gap Inc1171 Words   |  5 Pagesstores in the healthcare bill. It has a huge effect on GAP negatively or positively. In the case of the regulations in the retail industry it has negative impacts because the regulations in the retail industry could easily be changed beyond the established limit and will affect the business adversely, in addition companies such as target will obtain higher costs in expenses due to the changes. The healthcare bill, on the other hand, will have positive effects on GAP because the bill will aid in controllingRead MoreBirth Control And Abortion Should Not Be Used Widely1440 Words   |  6 Pagescontrol pill and abortion more wide than before to stop they get pregnancy. However, most women and governments do not realize the harms of birth control pill and abortion. About this issue, Chinese one child policy always is a contentious problem. In China, there are 400 million babies were not be born after Chinese gov ernment implemented one child policy since 1982 (Mosher. 2011). Based on one child policy, the increasing of population is slow down, however in last two decades year, a lot of women whoRead MoreHp ( Hewlett Packard ) Essay814 Words   |  4 Pages Foxconn, one of HP s key suppliers were accused of violating human ethics and labor laws. Foxconn was using student labor in the assembly of iPhones. It s legal to hire student workers in China, but the trouble occurs when students were forced to do irrelevant internships, work overtime almost daily, and work night shifts. These conditions break the Chinese labor contract, as well as the standards of internships set by the Chinese ministry of education. HP is committed to making a difference inRead MoreThe Cultural Barriers Of China1454 Words   |  6 Pagesrank inherently pervades in all aspects of life in China. Chinese exhibit Confucian values in which the family is viewed as paramount and hierarchy and respect of positions of author ity are entrenched firmly. In communication, managers in China are expected to communicate with their boss, subordinates and peers in the same manner they would communicate with their parents, children and brothers/sisters respectively. Teamwork among the Chinese calls for a strong leader. The role of leadership is exclusivelyRead MoreCultural, Economic, Political and Industrial Relation Factors to Consider a Chinese Steel Factory Must Consider to Invest in Britain or Sweden1731 Words   |  7 PagesDespite this China remains a one nation state with HR practices steeped in Confucianism, however The Chinese government is committed to supporting outward investment for companies looking to expand overseas. (IBM, 2006). There are many influences to consider when deciding which country to invest in, this essay will consider the cultural, economic, political, and industrial relation factors a Chinese steel factory must consider in deciding whether to open a new production facility in B ritain or SwedenRead MoreNon Market Strategy Recommendation For Foxconn1542 Words   |  7 Pagesone of Foxconn’s factories aroused public attention to working and living conditions of low skill workers in China, not to mention heavy criticism towards the company. In 2010, the company has adopted a series of remedial practices such as asking employees to sign a â€Å"no suicide† pledges, installed safety nets around the factory, increased salaries, set up a 24 hour hotline service, hired psychiatrists, and even invited Buddhist monks to dispel misfortune. However, all these measures in vain, workers’

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The Undeniable Reality About Essay Samples Pdf for Elemnetary That Nobody Is Telling You

The Undeniable Reality About Essay Samples Pdf for Elemnetary That Nobody Is Telling You Essay Samples Pdf for Elemnetary Features The simplest way to find out the form of an essay is to realize the writer's point of view. On the finished part, you may also compare the documentary with others in the exact genre or subject in order to produce readers have more thorough understanding of the review. It's also easier than attempting to add references at a subsequent stage. In any case, your reaction may also make an overall address to the full documentary without picking parts. Extended essays may require a level of technicality. To compose an impressive short essay, especially during an examination, you have to be in a position to hit the question and give a straightforward answer while at the identical time observing the correct structure of an essay. Be certain that your essay has a very good introduction, research questions, focus and other significant specifics. A number of the essays ask you to describe what's happening and a number of them are about why it's happening. You're predicted to persuade the readers with your arguments, so be certain you include as many supporting academic parts of evidence as you are able to. The target of a persuasive essay is to convince your readers your viewpoint is the suitable viewpoint. So far as essay structure goes, a 4 or 5 paragraph essay based on the number of points you might want to argue is a superb start. The Downside Risk of Essay Samples Pdf for Elemnetary Your extended essay introduction needs to be catchy. It isn't easy to compose the prolonged essay, but if you've got a guide, you won't have trouble. There's no ideal solution on how best to compose an effective essay. Before you commence writing your college essay, you may choose to see the essay examplesA that we've listed for you, so you may have more idea on what things to put in the college essay you will create. You shouldn't be scared of extended essays. Needless to say, you may use protracted essay samples, but you've got to understand main ru If you read the official guidelines about extended essay, it is important to take note of it as it is going to completely help you. College essay samples are everywhere over the web and in a lot of subjects. Which is the reason we have given you some informative essay samples that can assist you with your own. Type of Essay Samples Pdf for Elemnetary When you plan your essay and jot down the points you're likely to talk about in your draft, you are going to have lot of points to discuss. In summary, you can't fail by making the appropriate introduction to your quote. Make certain you have specific topic in your thoughts because general subject area is not going to help you. You don't have to be stress with the essay since you can complete it on the most suitable time. The Fundamentals of Essay Samples Pdf for Elemnetary Revealed Reading sam ples of response papers is also an additional way by which you can easily learn how to compose a reaction paper to documentary. The sample is there to offer you an impression on the standard of the paper. Most samples are at no cost. What the In-Crowd Won't Tell You About Essay Samples Pdf for Elemnetary Before you even begin writing the content of your college essay, there are a number of essay writing basic guide that you must always bear in mind. If you wish to create a college essay which works, you will need to provide importance on the content which you will give the admissions officer of your intended university with. Just because you've already written a college essay for a single university doesn't mean that it may also apply on your next applications. Developing a good college essay are able to lose its purpose in the event the content of what you've written is not what the university is asking for. What You Need to Do About Essay Samples Pdf for Elemnetary Before You Miss Your Chance Essay writing is normally practiced is schools. Creative Essay writing is currently recognized among the most helpful activity for kids for their general personality development. Writing a high school essay if you've got the tips about how to do essay effectively. Your college essay should contain information that relate to the instruction provided to you. You remember, the item is in active development, lots of changes to doc also. If, for example, you're writing an essay on training a dog in 5 steps, do not incorporate the initial 3 steps in one paragraph and your own personal expertise in the conclusion. The expanding use of technology in business is yet another opportunity. There are 3 methods that may be utilized in providing explanation for informative essay.

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Do You Think Mankind Is Born Evil or Good Free Essays

Do you believe that mankind is born good or evil? I believe that mankind are born to be good, but to be taught good or evil as they grow up. It depends on how their life was or how their parents taught and treated them. There is no such as thing being born evil only being born innocent. We will write a custom essay sample on Do You Think Mankind Is Born Evil or Good? or any similar topic only for you Order Now When people are born into this world, they are born innocent and new. Innocence, to me can be seen as good. They are babies, knowing nothing, not even evil . Then they grow and learn and begin to think about behavior. The things they are taught as they are young, and the people they know do much to shape their personalities and awareness. People become aware of what is good or bad partly through experience and mistakes in early stages of childhood development, partly through what they are taught, and partly through their own conscience telling them. If you think back to the first punishment you remember having, do remember why it happened? Do you think what you did was evil? Evil has to do with the heart and mind choices we make in thought and in deed. I believe that we are all born innocent, but are able of giving in to evil, especially in weak moments. Those who continue fighting against that evil, no matter how hard it may be or how many times we may fail, are still fighting the good fight. As I have expressed through my paper, mankind is not born evil, but they are born innocent. Not knowing a thing, good or evil. Evil grows in you as you grow up and make mistakes in your childhood. Trying to fight the bad and attempting to be good is innocent. Most bad or evil choices are made by your conscience. So Mankind is not born evil, but good. How to cite Do You Think Mankind Is Born Evil or Good?, Essay examples

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Web Writing Mistakes That Can Kill Conversion Rates - The Writers For Hire

HOW TO WRITE WEB COPY THAT SELLS STUFF AND ENGAGES PEOPLE #3: 5 WEB WRITING MISTAKES THAT CAN KILL CONVERSION RATES In this third installment on writing web copy, we’re touching on some of the most important topics:   the most common mistakes we see (often) that kill websites.   Here’s what to look for (and what to avoid) to boost conversion rates and inspire readers to act. Let’s get started. 1.   Not realizing that the navigation and layout must come before design. A website isn’t a brochure – you have to think in 3D! This is a situation we see often at TWFH:   A client comes to us and says â€Å"Here.   I got this designer to design a website for me.   Now I need to have some copy.† You can get a functional website like this, but it’s not going to be an optimal website.   Here’s why: Websites are meant to convey content, not pretty pictures.   Yes, the pretty pictures and the design are important, but only if they serve the purpose of conveying the content.   So when you’re building a website, you always need to start with the content.   There are three different website planning stages: Content planning:   What pages you’re going to have on your website, and what information is going to be included on each page. Navigation planning:   Will you have top or side navigation?   How will each of the pages you planned interact with one another?   Can some pages be linked to other pages?   Will some pages be accessed from the navigation bar only? Page layout planning:   Where will information go on the page?   Should you have a sidebar?   Single column copy or double column copy?   Where will your charts and pictures go? Unlike writing a brochure that you can read front to back, websites have information buried in them, and visitors have a lot more leeway to choose the own path.   That’s why navigation and page design should be done with regard to content first.   Mapping out all the pathways that your reader might choose ensures that: Pages link together in a logical way that the visitor will understand Important information can be easily found Future website growth will be easy to incorporate So before anyone starts designing the website or writes any copy, we always suggest to go through this detailed planning stage.   Account for WHAT information on your website is going WHERE.   There are a lot of decisions to be made, very important decisions. Content only works in conjunction with website layout – the two aren’t mutually exclusive.   Spend some time planning where information should go, explore different design options, and once you have a good idea of where the elements of your website will be placed, THEN start writing and designing your website. 2.   Including long introductions on the homepage. A website isn’t a magazine article†¦ Most of us were taught in school to write a certain way:   Start with your introduction, include supporting facts, then wrap it up.   A lot of the print copy we see follows that same format, which is perhaps why lots of people want to take a journalistic approach to web writing – especially the long introductions that â€Å"set the scene.† But web writing isn’t journalism.   Long introductions aren’t necessary or relevant to your readers.   Good copywriters call this â€Å"fluff.†Ã‚   But the most important reason you should nix those long intros is because they don’t SELL. Professional web copywriting will concisely explain what your customer wants to know in the first two sentences.   It will highlight your differentiators, and it will get straight to the point.   No fluff, no beating around the bush. Here’s an example of an especially terrible website intro for a used car website: You need a car to get you to work.   You need a car to take your kids to school, for trips to the grocery store, and for epic road trip adventures.   You need a car to live your life – but you don’t need to pay top dollar for it.   That’s why Two Brothers’ Used Cars specializes in certified pre-owned vehicles – guaranteed to save you money. The problem with that example is that the introduction is long and meandering, and it doesn’t get to the point.   The message is confusing:   are you trying to convince your reader to buy a car, or convincing them to buy a car from you? (If they’re on your website, they already know they want to buy a car.) By the time readers skip down to the last sentence, they’re bored †¦ or they might not have even made it to the last sentence.   Instead, try a more direct approach, like: Two Brothers’ Used Auto has 1000s of pre-owned vehicles at wholesale prices.   Reliable.   Affordable.   And all used cars come with a year-long free maintenance package.   Come take a test drive today. More succinct, more precise, and clearer. I know what the company sells and specific company benefits and differentiators in a short amount of space.   You’re not writing for the local daily, so resist the urge to â€Å"ease† your reader in to your copy.   Jump in, be bold, and don’t waste time getting to the point. 3.   Mistaking your homepage for your â€Å"About Us† page. A website isn’t a business profile†¦ I can’t tell you how many times I’ve visited a website and, instead of getting information I wanted, like pricing or product details, I get something more like this: Our company has been around for 25 years.   We’ve since become the nation’s largest purveyor of widgets.   Our operations now include 23 states, Mexico, and Canada. I can tell that the owners must be savvy businessmen.   But if I’m looking to buy a widget, that’s not what I want to spend my time reading.   I need some CONTENT that’s directed at ME. A better homepage intro for our widget company is going to tell me exactly what I need to know – something more along the lines of: Our widgets save customers an average of 20% on their electric bill each month.   We also offer free installation and free next day delivery, so you can start seeing your savings tomorrow.   Shop our catalog of 24,000 widgets here. Business profiles sell your company, but you need to get down to the business of selling your product or service.   Readers don’t like when you talk about yourself, it boggles your homepage and confuses/bores the reader.   Double check that your homepage is relevant and directed at the reader.   Save your company credentials for another page and sell those widgets! 4.   Not letting people read or see what they want. A website isn’t a movie†¦ The great part about movies is that you get to sit back, relax, and drift off into an alternate reality for a few hours.   You’re not thinking about bills or work or walking the dog.   You’re engaged in a story. Websites are different because people aren’t always relaxed when they’re on the Internet.   They’re searching.   They need something.   And if they’re on your website, chances are they need something that you’re selling. So rather than directing them, let your visitor control the experience.   What are we getting at here exactly? We’re talking about some of those more intrusive things you see on fancy websites:   Flash.   Loud music.   Videos that pop out at me and send me searching for the STOP button. Sure, there’s a time and a place for all of those things – don’t get us wrong, your flash and high-dollar videos are cool.   But don’t make me sit through it.   Don’t make people go through a splash page or a darn video if they don’t want to.   Don’t make me jump out of my skin by blaring music at me †¦ please. Give them the option of skipping all the fancy stuff and getting to the meat of your website.   Otherwise, you run the risk of boring (or annoying) your visitors.   Let them call the shots! 5.   Not blocking or chunking copy on the page. A website isn’t a book†¦ Here’s what happens on a lot of webpages:   You sit down to write your website.   You start at the top of the page †¦ and then you write all the way to the bottom. Big no-no.   I’m sure you’ve seen websites that have a solid chunk of copy head to toe.   It’s a lot of info to take in, and it intimidates readers (I have to read ALL of this!). You’ll remember from our post on online personalities that lots of online visitors don’t like to read.   Lots of readers will clam up if they see too many words – they’re not there to read a novel.   And people don’t read on the Internet the same way they read a book: their eyes flit around the page, searching for information quickly. That’s why you need to block your copy – to point out the most important stuff to your readers and make sure they don’t get overwhelmed. Breaking up copy can be done in a number of ways, many of which we’ve already talked about in our previous post.   As a refresher: Use bulletpoints to highlight important information Use bolded headers Use paragraphs Use bolded words where appropriate Use pictures and charts Use tables, squares, call outs, and sidebars ALWAYS include lots of whitespace in your design Use links to point people to more detailed information Split up longer articles or pieces with â€Å"read more† or â€Å"learn more† links. If your reader is inundated by too many words, you’re going to lose them and you’re also going to lose a sale.   Break it up! Have any questions about our 5 most common web mistakes?   Leave a comment and let us know!   And check back for next week’s last and final post in this series, the 5 Copywriting Rules That Don’t Change Even on the Web.