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Human Rights And Its Effects On The Chinese Employees

Suicide, deaths, childhood labor, terrible working conditions, abuse of basic human rights. Can you guess who is responsible for the majority of this cruelty? A company we have become obscenely obsessed with for the past few years: Apple. It is the biggest and most well know multinational technology corporation. We keep their products in our back jean pockets all the way to our office desks. Behind their â€Å"updated† and â€Å"hip† technology lies a deep, disturbing, and dangerous truth. Millions of Apple’s employees are practically slaves by being treated like machines. This company has obscure intentions by trying to produce their goods no matter what the cost is. As it is illustrated by the article â€Å"In China, Human Costs Are Built into an iPad†, Charles Duhigg and David Barboza show the detrimental impact of this corporation upon its Chinese employees. Apple is now identified for its harmful working condition in its factories. Employees work excessive overtime without a single day off during the week as these sweatshops work all day, every day. To produce the merchandise efficiently and effectively, the workers stand at all hours of the day and leave with a decreasing amount of energy every passing day. The company provides most of its workers with the benefit of satisfying dorms. 70,000 Foxconn, Apple’s major manufacturing partner, workers are obligated to live with 20 other people in a slum three-bedroom apartment. Under age workers are unfortunately adding onto Apple’sShow MoreRelatedPsychological Contract in the 21st Century1301 Words   |  6 PagesDate:11/08/2011 Word count:963. Psychological Contract is an abstract contract that affects both employers and employees, a subtle contract without speaking or writing, contains assumptions and expectations from each party towards the other (Rousseau 1989). Compared to the past centuries, people tend to change jobs frequently and pay more attention to employees’ rights. It is a critical element in human resource management and plays a big role in modern society. This essay has been organized in the followingRead MoreOrganizational Culture And Human Resource Management1048 Words   |  5 PagesNewman Nollen (1996) indicated that organization performance is better in the companies which there is congruency between national culture and human resources practices. If the human resources management practices are not in line with the basic tenets shared by employees, it will lead to dissatisfaction, lack of commitment and discomfort among the employees (Early, 1994). Introduction Culture affects and governs all facets of life by influencing values, attitudes and behavior of a society, whileRead MoreCritically Evaluate Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs as a Way of Understanding Employees Motivation in Contemporary Chinese Business1179 Words   |  5 Pagesa way of understanding employees motivation in contemporary Chinese business Nowadays, many Chinese business companies emphasize the motivation of employees. In their view, if employees are motivated, they will not only give full play to the initiative and creativity, but also create work with high quality and efficiency. Consequently, more Chinese managers are serious about western theories on motivation in order to obtain the right direction. Maslow’s theory â€Å"the hierarchy of needs† is one ofRead MorePest Analysis of Gap Inc1178 Words   |  5 Pagesstores in the healthcare bill. It has a huge effect on GAP negatively or positively. In the case of the regulations in the retail industry it has negative impacts because the regulations in the retail industry could easily be changed beyond the established limit and will affect the business adversely, in addition companies such as target will obtain higher costs in expenses due to the changes. The healthcare bill, on the other hand, will have positive effects on GAP because the bill will aid in controllingRead MorePest Analysis of Gap Inc1171 Words   |  5 Pagesstores in the healthcare bill. It has a huge effect on GAP negatively or positively. In the case of the regulations in the retail industry it has negative impacts because the regulations in the retail industry could easily be changed beyond the established limit and will affect the business adversely, in addition companies such as target will obtain higher costs in expenses due to the changes. The healthcare bill, on the other hand, will have positive effects on GAP because the bill will aid in controllingRead MoreBirth Control And Abortion Should Not Be Used Widely1440 Words   |  6 Pagescontrol pill and abortion more wide than before to stop they get pregnancy. However, most women and governments do not realize the harms of birth control pill and abortion. About this issue, Chinese one child policy always is a contentious problem. In China, there are 400 million babies were not be born after Chinese gov ernment implemented one child policy since 1982 (Mosher. 2011). Based on one child policy, the increasing of population is slow down, however in last two decades year, a lot of women whoRead MoreHp ( Hewlett Packard ) Essay814 Words   |  4 Pages Foxconn, one of HP s key suppliers were accused of violating human ethics and labor laws. Foxconn was using student labor in the assembly of iPhones. It s legal to hire student workers in China, but the trouble occurs when students were forced to do irrelevant internships, work overtime almost daily, and work night shifts. These conditions break the Chinese labor contract, as well as the standards of internships set by the Chinese ministry of education. HP is committed to making a difference inRead MoreThe Cultural Barriers Of China1454 Words   |  6 Pagesrank inherently pervades in all aspects of life in China. Chinese exhibit Confucian values in which the family is viewed as paramount and hierarchy and respect of positions of author ity are entrenched firmly. In communication, managers in China are expected to communicate with their boss, subordinates and peers in the same manner they would communicate with their parents, children and brothers/sisters respectively. Teamwork among the Chinese calls for a strong leader. The role of leadership is exclusivelyRead MoreCultural, Economic, Political and Industrial Relation Factors to Consider a Chinese Steel Factory Must Consider to Invest in Britain or Sweden1731 Words   |  7 PagesDespite this China remains a one nation state with HR practices steeped in Confucianism, however The Chinese government is committed to supporting outward investment for companies looking to expand overseas. (IBM, 2006). There are many influences to consider when deciding which country to invest in, this essay will consider the cultural, economic, political, and industrial relation factors a Chinese steel factory must consider in deciding whether to open a new production facility in B ritain or SwedenRead MoreNon Market Strategy Recommendation For Foxconn1542 Words   |  7 Pagesone of Foxconn’s factories aroused public attention to working and living conditions of low skill workers in China, not to mention heavy criticism towards the company. In 2010, the company has adopted a series of remedial practices such as asking employees to sign a â€Å"no suicide† pledges, installed safety nets around the factory, increased salaries, set up a 24 hour hotline service, hired psychiatrists, and even invited Buddhist monks to dispel misfortune. However, all these measures in vain, workers’

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The Undeniable Reality About Essay Samples Pdf for Elemnetary That Nobody Is Telling You

The Undeniable Reality About Essay Samples Pdf for Elemnetary That Nobody Is Telling You Essay Samples Pdf for Elemnetary Features The simplest way to find out the form of an essay is to realize the writer's point of view. On the finished part, you may also compare the documentary with others in the exact genre or subject in order to produce readers have more thorough understanding of the review. It's also easier than attempting to add references at a subsequent stage. In any case, your reaction may also make an overall address to the full documentary without picking parts. Extended essays may require a level of technicality. To compose an impressive short essay, especially during an examination, you have to be in a position to hit the question and give a straightforward answer while at the identical time observing the correct structure of an essay. Be certain that your essay has a very good introduction, research questions, focus and other significant specifics. A number of the essays ask you to describe what's happening and a number of them are about why it's happening. You're predicted to persuade the readers with your arguments, so be certain you include as many supporting academic parts of evidence as you are able to. The target of a persuasive essay is to convince your readers your viewpoint is the suitable viewpoint. So far as essay structure goes, a 4 or 5 paragraph essay based on the number of points you might want to argue is a superb start. The Downside Risk of Essay Samples Pdf for Elemnetary Your extended essay introduction needs to be catchy. It isn't easy to compose the prolonged essay, but if you've got a guide, you won't have trouble. There's no ideal solution on how best to compose an effective essay. Before you commence writing your college essay, you may choose to see the essay examplesA that we've listed for you, so you may have more idea on what things to put in the college essay you will create. You shouldn't be scared of extended essays. Needless to say, you may use protracted essay samples, but you've got to understand main ru If you read the official guidelines about extended essay, it is important to take note of it as it is going to completely help you. College essay samples are everywhere over the web and in a lot of subjects. Which is the reason we have given you some informative essay samples that can assist you with your own. Type of Essay Samples Pdf for Elemnetary When you plan your essay and jot down the points you're likely to talk about in your draft, you are going to have lot of points to discuss. In summary, you can't fail by making the appropriate introduction to your quote. Make certain you have specific topic in your thoughts because general subject area is not going to help you. You don't have to be stress with the essay since you can complete it on the most suitable time. The Fundamentals of Essay Samples Pdf for Elemnetary Revealed Reading sam ples of response papers is also an additional way by which you can easily learn how to compose a reaction paper to documentary. The sample is there to offer you an impression on the standard of the paper. Most samples are at no cost. What the In-Crowd Won't Tell You About Essay Samples Pdf for Elemnetary Before you even begin writing the content of your college essay, there are a number of essay writing basic guide that you must always bear in mind. If you wish to create a college essay which works, you will need to provide importance on the content which you will give the admissions officer of your intended university with. Just because you've already written a college essay for a single university doesn't mean that it may also apply on your next applications. Developing a good college essay are able to lose its purpose in the event the content of what you've written is not what the university is asking for. What You Need to Do About Essay Samples Pdf for Elemnetary Before You Miss Your Chance Essay writing is normally practiced is schools. Creative Essay writing is currently recognized among the most helpful activity for kids for their general personality development. Writing a high school essay if you've got the tips about how to do essay effectively. Your college essay should contain information that relate to the instruction provided to you. You remember, the item is in active development, lots of changes to doc also. If, for example, you're writing an essay on training a dog in 5 steps, do not incorporate the initial 3 steps in one paragraph and your own personal expertise in the conclusion. The expanding use of technology in business is yet another opportunity. There are 3 methods that may be utilized in providing explanation for informative essay.

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Do You Think Mankind Is Born Evil or Good Free Essays

Do you believe that mankind is born good or evil? I believe that mankind are born to be good, but to be taught good or evil as they grow up. It depends on how their life was or how their parents taught and treated them. There is no such as thing being born evil only being born innocent. We will write a custom essay sample on Do You Think Mankind Is Born Evil or Good? or any similar topic only for you Order Now When people are born into this world, they are born innocent and new. Innocence, to me can be seen as good. They are babies, knowing nothing, not even evil . Then they grow and learn and begin to think about behavior. The things they are taught as they are young, and the people they know do much to shape their personalities and awareness. People become aware of what is good or bad partly through experience and mistakes in early stages of childhood development, partly through what they are taught, and partly through their own conscience telling them. If you think back to the first punishment you remember having, do remember why it happened? Do you think what you did was evil? Evil has to do with the heart and mind choices we make in thought and in deed. I believe that we are all born innocent, but are able of giving in to evil, especially in weak moments. Those who continue fighting against that evil, no matter how hard it may be or how many times we may fail, are still fighting the good fight. As I have expressed through my paper, mankind is not born evil, but they are born innocent. Not knowing a thing, good or evil. Evil grows in you as you grow up and make mistakes in your childhood. Trying to fight the bad and attempting to be good is innocent. Most bad or evil choices are made by your conscience. So Mankind is not born evil, but good. How to cite Do You Think Mankind Is Born Evil or Good?, Essay examples

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Web Writing Mistakes That Can Kill Conversion Rates - The Writers For Hire

HOW TO WRITE WEB COPY THAT SELLS STUFF AND ENGAGES PEOPLE #3: 5 WEB WRITING MISTAKES THAT CAN KILL CONVERSION RATES In this third installment on writing web copy, we’re touching on some of the most important topics:   the most common mistakes we see (often) that kill websites.   Here’s what to look for (and what to avoid) to boost conversion rates and inspire readers to act. Let’s get started. 1.   Not realizing that the navigation and layout must come before design. A website isn’t a brochure – you have to think in 3D! This is a situation we see often at TWFH:   A client comes to us and says â€Å"Here.   I got this designer to design a website for me.   Now I need to have some copy.† You can get a functional website like this, but it’s not going to be an optimal website.   Here’s why: Websites are meant to convey content, not pretty pictures.   Yes, the pretty pictures and the design are important, but only if they serve the purpose of conveying the content.   So when you’re building a website, you always need to start with the content.   There are three different website planning stages: Content planning:   What pages you’re going to have on your website, and what information is going to be included on each page. Navigation planning:   Will you have top or side navigation?   How will each of the pages you planned interact with one another?   Can some pages be linked to other pages?   Will some pages be accessed from the navigation bar only? Page layout planning:   Where will information go on the page?   Should you have a sidebar?   Single column copy or double column copy?   Where will your charts and pictures go? Unlike writing a brochure that you can read front to back, websites have information buried in them, and visitors have a lot more leeway to choose the own path.   That’s why navigation and page design should be done with regard to content first.   Mapping out all the pathways that your reader might choose ensures that: Pages link together in a logical way that the visitor will understand Important information can be easily found Future website growth will be easy to incorporate So before anyone starts designing the website or writes any copy, we always suggest to go through this detailed planning stage.   Account for WHAT information on your website is going WHERE.   There are a lot of decisions to be made, very important decisions. Content only works in conjunction with website layout – the two aren’t mutually exclusive.   Spend some time planning where information should go, explore different design options, and once you have a good idea of where the elements of your website will be placed, THEN start writing and designing your website. 2.   Including long introductions on the homepage. A website isn’t a magazine article†¦ Most of us were taught in school to write a certain way:   Start with your introduction, include supporting facts, then wrap it up.   A lot of the print copy we see follows that same format, which is perhaps why lots of people want to take a journalistic approach to web writing – especially the long introductions that â€Å"set the scene.† But web writing isn’t journalism.   Long introductions aren’t necessary or relevant to your readers.   Good copywriters call this â€Å"fluff.†Ã‚   But the most important reason you should nix those long intros is because they don’t SELL. Professional web copywriting will concisely explain what your customer wants to know in the first two sentences.   It will highlight your differentiators, and it will get straight to the point.   No fluff, no beating around the bush. Here’s an example of an especially terrible website intro for a used car website: You need a car to get you to work.   You need a car to take your kids to school, for trips to the grocery store, and for epic road trip adventures.   You need a car to live your life – but you don’t need to pay top dollar for it.   That’s why Two Brothers’ Used Cars specializes in certified pre-owned vehicles – guaranteed to save you money. The problem with that example is that the introduction is long and meandering, and it doesn’t get to the point.   The message is confusing:   are you trying to convince your reader to buy a car, or convincing them to buy a car from you? (If they’re on your website, they already know they want to buy a car.) By the time readers skip down to the last sentence, they’re bored †¦ or they might not have even made it to the last sentence.   Instead, try a more direct approach, like: Two Brothers’ Used Auto has 1000s of pre-owned vehicles at wholesale prices.   Reliable.   Affordable.   And all used cars come with a year-long free maintenance package.   Come take a test drive today. More succinct, more precise, and clearer. I know what the company sells and specific company benefits and differentiators in a short amount of space.   You’re not writing for the local daily, so resist the urge to â€Å"ease† your reader in to your copy.   Jump in, be bold, and don’t waste time getting to the point. 3.   Mistaking your homepage for your â€Å"About Us† page. A website isn’t a business profile†¦ I can’t tell you how many times I’ve visited a website and, instead of getting information I wanted, like pricing or product details, I get something more like this: Our company has been around for 25 years.   We’ve since become the nation’s largest purveyor of widgets.   Our operations now include 23 states, Mexico, and Canada. I can tell that the owners must be savvy businessmen.   But if I’m looking to buy a widget, that’s not what I want to spend my time reading.   I need some CONTENT that’s directed at ME. A better homepage intro for our widget company is going to tell me exactly what I need to know – something more along the lines of: Our widgets save customers an average of 20% on their electric bill each month.   We also offer free installation and free next day delivery, so you can start seeing your savings tomorrow.   Shop our catalog of 24,000 widgets here. Business profiles sell your company, but you need to get down to the business of selling your product or service.   Readers don’t like when you talk about yourself, it boggles your homepage and confuses/bores the reader.   Double check that your homepage is relevant and directed at the reader.   Save your company credentials for another page and sell those widgets! 4.   Not letting people read or see what they want. A website isn’t a movie†¦ The great part about movies is that you get to sit back, relax, and drift off into an alternate reality for a few hours.   You’re not thinking about bills or work or walking the dog.   You’re engaged in a story. Websites are different because people aren’t always relaxed when they’re on the Internet.   They’re searching.   They need something.   And if they’re on your website, chances are they need something that you’re selling. So rather than directing them, let your visitor control the experience.   What are we getting at here exactly? We’re talking about some of those more intrusive things you see on fancy websites:   Flash.   Loud music.   Videos that pop out at me and send me searching for the STOP button. Sure, there’s a time and a place for all of those things – don’t get us wrong, your flash and high-dollar videos are cool.   But don’t make me sit through it.   Don’t make people go through a splash page or a darn video if they don’t want to.   Don’t make me jump out of my skin by blaring music at me †¦ please. Give them the option of skipping all the fancy stuff and getting to the meat of your website.   Otherwise, you run the risk of boring (or annoying) your visitors.   Let them call the shots! 5.   Not blocking or chunking copy on the page. A website isn’t a book†¦ Here’s what happens on a lot of webpages:   You sit down to write your website.   You start at the top of the page †¦ and then you write all the way to the bottom. Big no-no.   I’m sure you’ve seen websites that have a solid chunk of copy head to toe.   It’s a lot of info to take in, and it intimidates readers (I have to read ALL of this!). You’ll remember from our post on online personalities that lots of online visitors don’t like to read.   Lots of readers will clam up if they see too many words – they’re not there to read a novel.   And people don’t read on the Internet the same way they read a book: their eyes flit around the page, searching for information quickly. That’s why you need to block your copy – to point out the most important stuff to your readers and make sure they don’t get overwhelmed. Breaking up copy can be done in a number of ways, many of which we’ve already talked about in our previous post.   As a refresher: Use bulletpoints to highlight important information Use bolded headers Use paragraphs Use bolded words where appropriate Use pictures and charts Use tables, squares, call outs, and sidebars ALWAYS include lots of whitespace in your design Use links to point people to more detailed information Split up longer articles or pieces with â€Å"read more† or â€Å"learn more† links. If your reader is inundated by too many words, you’re going to lose them and you’re also going to lose a sale.   Break it up! Have any questions about our 5 most common web mistakes?   Leave a comment and let us know!   And check back for next week’s last and final post in this series, the 5 Copywriting Rules That Don’t Change Even on the Web.

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Nonstandard English Definition and Examples

Nonstandard English Definition and Examples Nonstandard English refers to any dialect of English other than Standard English  and is sometimes referred to as  nonstandard dialect or non-standard variety.  The term Nonstandard English is sometimes used disapprovingly  by non-linguists to describe bad or incorrect English. Examples and Observations It is no simple matter to define the difference between a standard and a nonstandard variety of language. However, for our purposes, we can define a standard dialect as one that draws no negative attention to itself... On the other hand, a nonstandard dialect does draw negative attention to itself; that is, educated people might judge the speaker of such a dialect as socially inferior, lacking education, and so on. A nonstandard dialect can thus be characterized as having socially marked forms, such as aint. A socially marked form is one that causes the listener to form a negative social judgment of the speaker.It is important to understand that identifying a dialect as standard or nonstandard is a sociological judgment, not a linguistic one.(F. Parker and K. Riley, Linguistics for Nons of widespread nonstandard grammatical forms in English include multiple negation.(Peter Trudgill, Introducing Language and Society. Penguin, 1992) In fiction nonstandard forms are mostly found in dialogue and they are used as a powerful tool to reveal character traits or social and regional differences.(Irma Taavitsainen, et al., Writing in Nonstandard English. John Benjamins, 1999) Nonstandard Usage in Huckleberry Finn I see Jim before me, all the time; in the day, and in the night-time, sometimes moonlight, sometimes storms, and we a floating along, talking, and singing, and laughing. But somehow I couldnt seem to strike no places to harden me against him, but only the other kind. Id see him standing my watch on top of hisn, stead of calling me, so I could go on sleeping; and see him how glad he was when I come back out of the fog; and when I come to him agin in the swamp, up there where the feud was; and suchlike times; and would always call me honey, and pet me, and do everything he could think of for me, and how good he always was. And at last I struck the time I saved him by telling the men we had smallpox aboard, and he was so grateful, and said I was the best friend old Jim ever had in the world, and the  only  one hes got now; and then I happened to look around, and see that paper.It was a close place. I took it up, and held it in my hand. I was a trembling, because Id got to decide, fo rever, betwixt two things, and I knowed it. I studied a minute, sort of holding my breath, and then says to myself:All right, then, Ill go to hell- and tore it up.(Mark Twain,  The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, 1884) The kinds of errors that Huck makes [in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn] are by no means haphazard; Twain carefully placed them to suggest Hucks basic illiteracy but not to overwhelm the reader. Nonstandard verb forms constitute Hucks most typical mistakes. He often uses the present form or past participle for the simple past tense, for example, see or seen for saw; his verbs frequently do not agree with their subjects in number and person; and he often shifts tense within the same sequence.(Janet Holmgren McKay, An Art So High: Style in Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. New Essays on Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, ed. by Louis J. Budd. Cambridge Univ. Press, 1985) The Stigma of Nonstandard English We should not be so naive... as to begin thinking that nonstandard English will ever shed its stigma. Many who argue against teaching Standard conventions seem to believe it will. The reality is that failure to teach the conventions of Standard and formal Standard English in our classes is unlikely to have any effect on societys attitudes toward speakers of nonstandard English, but it will most certainly have an effect on our students lives. Their horizons will be limited, and many at the bottom of the socioeconomic scale will remain ghettoized. On this basis alone, I would argue that we must push students to reach their full potential, especially with regard to language. Our society is growing ever more competitive, not less, and Standard English, because it is inclusive rather than limiting, is a basic requirement for social and economic opportunities.(James D. Williams, The Teachers Grammar Book, 2nd ed. Routledge, 2005)

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The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s 1892 short story â€Å"​The Yellow Wallpaper,† tells the tale of an unnamed woman slipping slowly deeper into a state of hysteria. A husband takes his wife away from society and isolates her in a rented house on a small island in order to cure her â€Å"nerves.† He leaves her alone, more often than not, except for her prescribed medication, while seeing to his own patients.​ The mental breakdown that she eventually experiences, likely triggered by postpartum depression, is supported by various outside factors which present themselves over time. It is probable that, had doctors been more knowledgeable of the illness at the time, the main character would have been successfully treated and sent on her way. However, due in large part to the influences of other characters, her depression develops into something much deeper and darker. A type of chasm forms in her mind, and we witness as the real world and a fantasy world merge. â€Å"The Yellow Wallpaper† is a superb description of the misunderstanding of postpartum depression before the 1900s but can also act in the context of today’s world. At the time this short story was written, Gilman was aware of the lack of understanding surrounding postpartum depression. She created a character that would shine a light on the issue, particularly for men and doctors who claimed to know more than they actually did. Gilman humorously hints at this idea in the opening of the story when she writes, â€Å"John is a physician and perhaps that is one reason I do not get well faster.† Some readers may interpret that statement as something a wife would say to poke fun at her know-it-all husband, but the fact remains that many doctors were doing more harm than good when it came to treating (postpartum) depression. Increasing the danger and difficulty is the fact that she, like many women in America at the time, was absolutely under the control of her husband: He said I was his darling and his comfort and all he had, and that I must take care of myself for his sake, and keep well. He says no one but me can help myself out of it, that I must use my will and self-control and not let any silly fancies run away with me. We see by this example alone that her state of mind is dependent upon the needs of her husband. She believes that it is entirely up to her to fix what is wrong with her, for the good of her husband’s sanity and health. There is no desire for her to get well on her own, for her own sake. Further on in the story, when our character begins to lose sanity, she makes the claim that her husband â€Å"pretended to be very loving and kind. As if I couldn’t see through him.† It is only as she loses her grip on reality that she realizes her husband has not been caring for her properly. Although depression has become more understood in the past half-century or so, Gilman’s â€Å"The Yellow Wallpaper† has not become obsolete. The story can speak to us, in the same way, today about other concepts related to health, psychology, or identity that many people do not fully understand. â€Å"The Yellow Wallpaper† is a story about a woman, about all women, who suffer from postpartum depression and become isolated or misunderstood. These women were made to feel as if there was something wrong with them, something shameful that had to be hidden away and fixed before they could return to society. Gilman suggests that no one has all the answers; we must trust ourselves and seek help in more than one place, and we should value the roles we can play, of friend or lover, while allowing professionals, like doctors and counselors, to do their jobs. Gilman’s â€Å"The Yellow Wallpaper† is a bold statement about humanity. She’s shouting for us to tear down the paper that separates us from each other, from ourselves, so that we may help without inflicting more pain: â€Å"I’ve got out at last, in spite of you and Jane. And I’ve pulled off most of the paper, so you can’t put me back.†

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Realism, Fantasy & Utopia Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Realism, Fantasy & Utopia - Essay Example Truth and reality can be further defined by looking at the theories of how they are experienced has been examined in philosophical terms. Finally, seeing reality as it is reflected through art forms helps to define the way in which the nature of truth and reality are created, transformed, and then recreated. Truth and reality, because they are defined by absolutes, are a myth in which societies form beliefs in order to frame and explain their world. Reality is defined by the perception of the individual, even though it is often collaboratively linked within cultures, communities, and the greater society. In the end, one person’s reality is not the same as another’s because truth is defined by experience, not by a sense of mutually defined realness. Truth and reality are framed by the nature of experience within the individual, and while they may have some commonality through cultural similarities, in the end, a reality is confined within an individual, the truths of life developed though understandings surrounding experience that accumulate into a series of definitions. Foucault said of truth that each society has its regime of truth. However, the individual’s truth is based upon his position in life and less intrinsically linked to his level of intellectuality (208). Therefore, the question of how to define truth as it relates to the ideology of a society becomes a complexity that frames social constructio n, but is dependent upon the interpretation of individuals through their relating experiences. Foucault also linked truth to power, that power supports the promotion of truths so that belief can be created and framed as truth (208). An example of this can be seen through looking at the work of Galileo who determined that the Earth revolved around the sun, rather than the sun revolving around the Earth. However, because of the religious power of the